Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Magic iBall.

Ok, so those of you who know me know that I have a serious passion for music. Playing & listening. I saw this fun ipod game where you use your ipod as a magic 8 ball. Here are the rules:
1) Put your ipod on shuffle.
2) Write down the FIRST song that comes on to each other questions.
DON'T switch the song if you don't like it.. That's the fun of the game.

*How am I feeling today? ... Time Bomb- The Format
Getting off to a great start...
*How do my friends see me? Mashaboom- Feist. OK...
*What is my best friend's theme song? Turn,Turn,Turn (To Every Season)- The Byrds. That is false.
*What is the story of my life? Symphony No. 3 in E- Flat Major- Beethoven
*What is the best thing about me? Stop To Think-
*What is today going to be like? San Francisco- Vanessa Carlton. Oh, I wish!
*What is in store for this week? Dreamin'- Weezer
*What song describes my mom? When You're Good To Mamma Mamma's Good To You- Chicago Soundtrack. WOW! How true is that?
*What song describes my dad? The Henney Buggy Band- Sufjan Stevens.
*To describe my grandparents? Clap Your Hands!- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Amazing. They love clapping.
*How is my life going? One Day More- Les Miserable Soundtrack
*What song will they play at my funeral? The Ugly Organ- Cursive. ? Kind of appropriate, I guess.
*How does the world see me? The Book of Right On- Joanna Newsom.
*Will I have a happy life? My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs- Mo Tab Inpsired.
*What do my friends really think of me? All my Loving- The Beatles
*How can I make myself happy? November- Azure Ray So, unless it is November, don't expect any happiness from this girl.*What should I do with my life? Windsurfing Nation- Broken Social Scene Yes. I will look into that.
*What is some good advice for me? Abide With Me; Tis' Eventide- Mo Tab
*How will I be remembered? All The Champs That Ever Lived- Octopus Project Oh, I am flattered.
*What is my signature dancing song? Just Like Heaven- The Cure
*What is my current theme song? For Emily, Where ever I may Find Her- Simon & Garfunkel WEIRD!
*What does everyone else think my current theme song is? Money Honey- Lady Gaga

Well that was fun. You should try it too.

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  1. How stinkin' fun!! I'm glad you have the Beatles on your iPod. I would play this game, but, um, I don't have an iPod. I know. Pathetic.