Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Oh dear. I NEED to post so bad! Apparently my husband is a fan of the little blog I have created here and has been disappointed that I have not blogged like usual.
I have SO many pictures and fun stories from our trip but I am LACKING the energy or will power to post them right now... maybe tomorrow? By the end of this week for sure. I pinkie promise.
Don't even worry. I have at least 4 posts in the works right now.

Since I don't have any pictures of my real life I am going to show you something that I whipped up while I was bored at home.

(Mom, stop reading now).

So, I kind of feel like all of friends are pregnant right now. Since Steven and I are not yet ready to have a baby I might be feeling a little bit... left out.
Don't worry though! I have learned that you can have a picture of your child before you even have one. How, you ask? VIRTUAL BABY MAKER! (how creepy am I right now)


Baby one

And baby two

Sooo... they don't look anything alike. Since these are supposed to be my children is it bad that I think that one of them is very unfortunate looking and the other ones eyes are too big for his face?
What kind of mother am I?
...eh... Yeah, I can wait a while to have kids.


  1. haha I've determined these baby maker pictures are so random...and always, as you would say, unfortunate looking. Trevor and I did this for fun one night and were completely turned off. I didn't even want to post them on our blog. lol

  2. Bahahahahaha baby hunger is over already huh! hahaha dont worry. your babies will be beautiful in real life!

  3. hahahahah..so funny!! i have never liked how my babies have turned out when i have done that..i don't think i have ever seen a baby actually look like one of these computer generated ones... if they exsist? god bless their little sweet spirits!

  4. That is really, really funny. Yikes. Thank goodness they always come out cuter than that. Except for this one baby in my ward. Holy cow. Ugliest baby I have ever seen in my life...