Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is me trying to talk about Lost.

This week my life has changed. Yours would too, if you watched LOST.
I am STILL trying to wrap my head around it. The best part of the show is trying to understand it... right? I love not being able to predict that show. I think that this past episode was mind blowing. I am especially happy that Kate and Claire did not really make an appearance (I am sort of over them at this point). So, I also LOVE that we found out WHAT the island is! A cork to hell. It totally makes sense now. I am still sticking to my original thought that Jacob AND the man in black are bad.
I don't know. I would keep trying to talk about Lost and what I think about it but it is really hard for me to tell a story or talk without using my hands to explain something in person. It's weird, I know. I have had numerous people (my husband and father-in-law included) challenge me to talk without my using my hands. I would sit on my hands to make sure they were not used, and instead I would start flailing my elbows while getting laughed at. It is ridiculous. One of my biggest fears is losing an arm. I'm not even kidding. How will I be able to converse then? Oh so many things to worry about!


  1. Loved Lost!!!! One of my favorite episodes of all time. Love Richard. Hate that my mom lives with me. Ooops, did I say that? Why worry about losing an arm when you have your fake one?

  2. Gahhh!! I can't even finish reading your post! I JUST started Lost last night and I am SOOO hooked. hahaha. MUST WATCH MORE LOST!

  3. I really need to get into this show. I only watched a few episodes of the first season. I need to get it together!! My sis, Nat, also can't talk without her hands. I love it. If I was ever in a different car, behind her and someone she was driving somewhere, I would see her hands flailing around in the car. I was always worried she'd get into a car wreck.