Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mommy

As a 12 year old Beehive in young women we had a special activity that we invited our mothers to. Each young women got up and shared with everyone how much they love their mothers and how much their mothers do for them. All of the girls said so many lovely things about their mothers and I am pretty sure there where a few eyes that were wet with tears...
When it was my turn to get up and say something about my mom what did I say?
"Hi. My mom's favorite thing to do is clean."
Then I sat down... That was all I said. Seriously? What was going through my 12 year old head? Mom, I am so sorry. You raised me better.
So, to sort of redeem myself I would like to tell everyone what I really meant to say...

My mother is an amazing person. I know that she is always there for me no matter what. She never forgets a Birthday, or fails to make our Birthdays special. I am grateful for her strong tesimony in the church and for showing me how to live as a daughter of God. She taught me and encouraged me to always do my best (even if sometimes I am too lazy to). She always made sure that my life was full of opportunities to learn and grow. I was always involved in some form of music/ dance classes and I loved all of them. She put up with me while I was learning to play the violin AND even came to all of my recitals. I wasn't kidding when I said that my mother liked to clean though... Ok, maybe she just likes things to be clean no matter who is doing the cleaning. I loved that no matter what, whenever I came home by myself or with friends our house would always be spottless (except for my room). I never had to worry or be embarrassed by our house when we would have unexpected guests. I loved that about our home and MAYBE one day Steven and I will be able to experience that in our own home... MAYBE. Anyways, I love you mom and I hope that you had a wonderful mothers day!

On another note I just want to congratulate my dad for being called into the bishopric! I know that he has been losing sleep over it but I know that he will be wonderful and so blessed.

I love my parentals.


  1. My mom is really clean, too. Mine looks so horrible; she must shake her head in an exasperated manner when she leaves. I keep telling her that it will get better when I stop barfing.

  2. You're silly. I wasn't grasping for compliments when I brought up your Beehive dinner. . . . But thanks, it's nice. Also, you're not lazy, nor were you lazy. I'm sorry you felt/feel that way. You have done a lot with your life. People who are lazy can't play the violin and piano and serve everyone else like you do.