Friday, May 7, 2010


*If you can't tell, I love my Birthday. Now I am going to brag about it.*
P.S. I can't do spell check... boo.

Oh my Birthday... More like Birth Weekend. I had SO much fun! Let us get started with the pictures!
Friday- (See last post for that story... my husband is amazing.)
Steven and I woke up bright and early to volunteer for the second year at the SPECIAL OLYMPICS! I even got myself a little boyfiend named Kendle. He competed in the 200 meter dash and Steven is totally cool with our relationship. One of my favorite moments of the day was when my cute friend Kylee and I were talking to Kendle. He grabbed my hand, kissed it, and then shoved my hand in Kylee's face and made her kiss it as well. I wanted to take him home with me.

There were only a few times that Kendle got a little fresh with me. But it was no big deal. Steven and I love the special olympics and always have such a great time.

That night we got some of our friends together and went to Oregano's (surprise!)and then back to our house for games. I got spoiled (once again) with some awesome gifts which I did not expect. One of them was 4 bowls from Anthro that I have been drooling over for way too long, the cutest candy stand, shrink wrap (thanks beach's!)earrings/ bracelet, gift certificate... And this...

(don't worry, it's apple beer. Although I could of had real beer if I wanted to.) This gift was from my best buddy Hailee, naturally.

Sunday (my real Birthday)-
We woke up and Steven made me a Birthday breakfast. I chose slop, a Hale family favorite. I could seriously eat it all day, everyday.
After church and my YW lesson on temple marriage we had family dinner with the Tipton side. We were also celebrating two other cousins Birthdays.. I have always loved having family dinners...

I picked out the dinner. We had a full on roast beef dinner with all the fixin's and my mom made my favorite cake... Yep... I'm super hungry right now.

Monday (the closing ceremonies)-
We had the Hale family over for dinner and Steven made my favorite tacos.
My sister in laws are so funny. They made strawberry daiquiries and margaritas for everyone and I even had a spacial cup!

(notice my cute Anthro bowls? Thanks Courtney!)

I have already decided that this is my favorite age.
I can't remember a weekend when I have felt so blessed and loved (well... besides my wedding). I can't say thank you enough.
Thank you everyone who helped make my day extra special (that includes all the people who called, texted, or wrote me a message on facebook). I love you all. I feel so spoiled and I bet that you are so sick of looking at pictures? Yes. I will calm down on the eye candy for now.


  1. so if i counted had 3 birthday cakes AND pizookie. that is awesome! i'm glad you had a great birthday, and i'm so happy to see your bowls already being put to great use!

  2. I LOVE them! Yeah... I am pretty sure that I gained 10 pounds last week. If you want any cake we have PLENTY of left overs in my fridge and I don't want to eat it all by myself! :)

  3. I never get sick of looking at pictures. And those bowls are to die for.

  4. Love those bowls!!! I also am diggin' that beautiful flower sea foam necklace you're sporting.

  5. Emily! what a sweet sweet hubby. :) Love your new couch and your ring is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! How fun :)Can you believe how good guys are at keeping surprise secrets? I get too excited and tend to always give it away.Love you girl! We NEED to catch up soon.