Sunday, May 2, 2010

Steven = Sneaky Snake

Today is my Birthday! Let me tell you a little story about my week...

Well this story actually starts with when Steven and I got engaged. The ring that I picked out was a cz which= fake (but unbelievably real looking) diamond. About two months ago, like a klutz, I dropped the ring and my cz diamond came flying out, hit the ground and... broke. Ever since then I have been wanting a real ring that I cannot break.

A week ago Steven took me to look at rings. When we first got there I was only directing my attention to the cheaper, but still beautiful rings. I wouldn't even try on a ring until I knew the price. About 5 minutes of me doing that Steven told me not to worry about the price and to try on any ring I wanted.
I found "the" ring (which also came with a band) and I was so excited. We put the ring on hold and walked away to sleep on it.
I loved the ring and I could not wait to get it BUT! last Sunday night Steven sat me down and told me that there was no way that we could afford the ring. (I may or may not have shed a few tears).
All week I have been bringing up the ring as I tried to understand why he was so willing to spend money on all kinds of other things but not on a ring for me. He even took me to shop for couches. Expensive couches. Right after we left I brought up my ring again expressing my disbelief that he would seriously consider buying those couches (even though I really wanted them too). I will be the first to admit that I was a huge brat all week. I was angry that he told me to try on ANY ring with no intention of actually buying me one. He even took me to look at rings again! But, I still could not find one I loved as much as the first one I fell in love with (it's cheesy but just go with me).

On Friday Steven took the day off to go to "ASU to do some school stuff." That same day I was at work in the office ALL BY MYSELF. I was going crazy so I called Steven and he told me that he would pick me up when he was done at ASU, aound 3:30...
I waited and waited and at 5:15 Steven finally pulled into parking lot. He somehow forgot to inform me that he was going to late...
When we got home I walked in the door and I saw brand new, beautiful, black couches from Ikea. I was SHOCKED! BUT!!! On the couch was a random stuffed animal of my favorite kind of dog. Steven told me to go look at the dog AND around his neck were tied two pretty little diamond rings!

Steven slipped the rings on my finger and I made him come outside to see how the rings sparkled in the sun.

I was so surprised. Then I started to put everything together. Steven had been leading me astray all week. He told me that we couldn't afford the ring, and took me to look at couches as part of his little game.
I could not be more impressed with my husband.
I love you Steven! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this Birthday extra special!

*Also a special thanks to my amazing sister in law Jordyn, cute niece Ella, and good friend Jacob for helping Steven pull off that amazing surprise!*

P.S. I will have to have Steven post about his couch adventure that day.


  1. Wow, couches and a ring? How awesome! I'm in love with Ikea. And your ring is gorgeous. Steven is a keeper.

  2. awww!! this was so sweet!!! what a great guy! happy birthday! oh and your rings are beautiful!!!