Thursday, May 27, 2010

UPDATE- A wedding, a birth, and a garduation!

Now, these topics all deserve their own posts. But, since I have had an especially hard time posting lately I decided to combine them all.
First off, I have been meaning to post about this for over a month... One of Steven's favorite mission companions, Dezil Kumar, got married! We were so lucky that we got to make the trip to Oregon to be there to witness them be sealed for time and all eternity. There is no better thing in the world. I was especially excited to meet Kumar's beautiful wife. We are totally already best friends and someday Steven and I are going to make a trip to Hawaii to see them. It's a chore but for them, it's worth it.

They are both amazing people and we are so excited for them!
Second update!
The Beach family are our good, good friends and they just had a baby named Xelly (pronounced Shelly).

Umm... she is adorable and I am in love. Can you believe that hair? I can't wait to see her again. Congrats Jacob and Joni. Let us know when you need a babysitter...
Last update!!!
My little (bigger than me) brother graduated from Desert Ridge High School yesterday.

Don't worry. There were so many people graduating that all the graduates did not fit into the rows of chairs placed for them on the floor. They had to sit in the stands with the audience.
It was fun, but awkward seeing a lot of the people I graduated with who were there for there siblings graduations as well. What really surprised me was the amount of girls I graduated with who had Babbie's and were not married. There were really, so many of them.
Anyways... I am so proud my brother and all that he has and will accomplish. Tomorrow he is leaving for the summer to Philly to sell alarm systems. He is trying to get money for his mission that he will be leaving on in January 2011. Eh... I know he is doing good things but I am going to miss him so much! Why do people have to grow up and do things with their lives?
P.S. Steven is going to be so happy I updated this.

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  1. I love that Steven likes to read your blog. Ben couldn't care less about mine. Sigh. Anywho, that baby's hair is so cute!! My babies are bald, so I'm always shocked to see full heads of hair on newborns. So dang cute. And how dang big was your brother's graduating class??? Mama mia! I guess that's life in a bigger city than Idaho Falls...