Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Steady & Sure

About 2 years ago this month in Flagstaff Arizona my friend Jenny and were gathered with the EFY counselors for a fireside. This was to be our last meeting as counselors before our EFY kids were coming the next morning.
About 20 minutes into the fireside 4 MALE counselors walked in. As they took their seats in the back I very casually turned around to... check them out. A particular blond hair, blue eyed boy caught my eye. I quickly turned around and wrote a note to Jenny that said, "boy in back, two thumbs up." She turned around, looked at him and then gave me an "I agree, he is totally cute" look.
Well, it was not love at first sight but more of... "I think he is ridiculously good looking" at first sight.
The next day, at the shirt handing out station, we spoke for the first time and hit it off (as friends) right away.
I love our story, I love how our relationship has developed, I love how my love for him has grown. I love my EFY counselor of a husband!
I don't know why but at EFY the counselors were obsessed with taking fake engagement pictures (maybe it was just our group). Here is mine and Steven's fake engagement picture. We thought it was funny because we thought we would NEVER take a real one together.

But we did...

I LOVE being married. It has exceeded my expectations and then some. Everyone should try it.
Thank you EFY for teaching me so much and providing me with my very own husband! It's hard not to fall for one of the counselors you are with (just a warning). The people in charge of EFY build the perfect atmosphere for meeting a spouse and we totally fell for it. Those EFY people are so sneaky. I sure am glad it worked though.


  1. woot! 2 years!! and a little one on the way! Congrats you guys!!! We're stoked for you!

    <3 another part of the 10% :)

  2. The counselors I worked with when I was a counselor were the coolest, funniest, most amazing people I had ever met. I had many, many COWs. (Did they still call it that when you two were counselors?) But it never worked out. I think I was meant to be with someone a little less spazzy than myself. :)