Friday, July 2, 2010

Steven told me that I shouldn't tell people this story...

... but I am anyways.
So, it is no secret that I am blond. In hair and mind. Make sense?
Today as I was walking out of Steven's office to go into my office (which is in the same complex) I stretched out my arms to open the door, while I was walking full speed, and for some reason all my strength left my body, my arms collapsed and I completely, full on ran into the glass door. I let out a little scream (because it hurt) and I giggled, by myself, because unfortunately I am pretty sure that no one else saw what I did. But, I don't think there is any way that they did not hear it. Running into glass doors is not a quite thing (I have learned).
I walked away with only one battle wound and minor blood loss.

Trust me, if you look really hard you can see it.

Later on I needed to go back over to Steven's office (when I say Steven's office I mean the office he works in. Just wanted to clarify)for something and on the door I saw this...

Don't worry, that little smudge is just my face.
It has been a fun day!

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  1. What???? Your strength just totally left your arms?? That is so weird! Really, really weird!