Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newport Beach Vacation PART ONE!

Every year (since forever) the entire Tipton side of my family journey to Newport beach. We rent out a beach house every year and it is heaven. Last year was Steven's first year... It was a kind of rough week for him. It was his first time being with my whole family for an extended period of time. That can be a really overwhelming experience for anyone who is not used to it. We did not have our own room and stayed out in the family room with all the other grandchildren. Keep in mind that we had only been married for 2 months, and I am the oldest grandchild of over 20. That gives you an idea of how many kids were in the room with us. I had Steven on one side and my cousin Jonathan on the other side...and Steven got super (throw- upy) sick, which then made me sick and it spread throughout many members of our family. It was kind of crazy...

Compared to last year this year was HEAVEN. We had our own room and bed, no one got sick, and Steven learned how to boogie board like a pro. Next step, surfing!
Please enjoy these random pictures... I have MANY more coming soon!
While we were at the beach we celebrated fathers day. Since Steven is going to be a dad soon I decided to make him these little outfits (for the baby to wear, not him) featuring two of his favorite teams. I think he liked them.

These are the people set up around my families spot...

...aaand this is my families spot. Needless to say, spotting our campsite is a very easy task.

Ok. This baby could pass as Steven's daughter.

Right? We love baby Violet.

I promise I am going to post the rest of the pictures soon!


  1. CUTE suit emily! Where'd you get it?? and it looks like a blast! Steven's a trooper for making it through last year, lol. If he needs some consolation, have him ask Cam about having to sleep in my parents' bed over Christmas. :) Ah-in laws. :)

  2. Yay for New Port! I will never forget our trip there together...so much fun...we have the best pictures :) Your family is adorable and I don't even know any cousins anymore...crazy!!

  3. I am super-de-duper jealous, Emily. Sooo much fun.