Friday, July 16, 2010

Trials and Miracles

"A miracle is an extraordinary event caused by the power of God. Miracles are an important element in the work of Jesus Christ. They include healings, restoring the dead to life, and resurrection. Miracles are a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith is necessary in order for miracles to be manifested"
- Guide to the Scriptures: Miracle

10 years ago on July 14Th my Uncle Scott was shot 7 times. He was police officer in Tempe and was given a 10 percent chance of living.
I know that through faith, prayer, and most importantly our Lord he was able to survive.
Miracles happen every day and some are bigger then others but they are all significant.
I know that for my family (especially Scott and his family) this trial was great, but, it's amazing how immensely it has blessed our family. I know for me personally my love, and appreciation for my family and others has grown significantly. I want people to always know that I love and care for them. Steven always teases me because before we leave anywhere (especially from visiting my family) it seems like I give everyone at least 3 hugs and I make sure to always say I love you and... it takes me a good half hour to say goodbye. I started doing this after my uncle was shot and am so glad that I do because... you never know...
I love my uncle and I so happy that he is still here.

To read more about my uncles experience from his point of view click here.


  1. Is this the same Uncle Scott running for constable in Show Low?

  2. Oh my gosh! How horrifying! I think I always assumed, because of TV, that when you get shot once, you die. But the more I learn, the more I'm realizing that the body is so amazing and can withstand so much. But I also know that one sticks around or dies based on Heavenly Father's plan. That's for sure. He had more work to do here.