Friday, July 16, 2010

Explosions in the sky...

What do you do when your uncle is running for the constable of Show Low?

You get to be in a parade!

This is what we did for our 3rd of July and we had so much fun! I love Show Low (especially the wonderful weather and pine trees) and I love that almost my whole family came out to support my uncle.

Since this little cuties parents weren't able to make it up, we pretty much adopted her for the day.

It was the kids job that day to pass out candy to people on the sides. Nixie was so funny. She wanted so badly to pass out candy but she would not pass it out unless Steven or I walked up with her and she was VERY selective of who she gave her candy to.

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the day...

My cousin Brig was decked out with some cowboy gear and so Steven spent a good ten minutes teaching him some line dancing moves... Only my husband... I do think that Bring enjoyed it though, he pretty much spent the rest of the parade with his thumbs stuck inside his trousers.
The rest of the weekend was wonderful as well.
On the 4Th we went to church where we got to stand and proclaim our love for our country and Heavenly Father, and that night Steven and I went to the top of a mountain, parked our car and sat on top, and we got to see 4 or 5 fire work shows in the valley below.
The next day we spent some time with his family and had a lovely bbq complete with my favorite pineapple cake...

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  1. Constable?? Is Show Low in England?? I've never heard of that title being used over here!