Monday, August 30, 2010

Pregnancy dreams...

I have so many photos to post of Steven's and our niece's Birthdays and also our trip to Utah... But before I get to those (whenever that might be) I wanted to share some of my dreams as of late.

So, I guess that it is pretty common to have crazy dreams while pregnant. Almost every morning I wake up, roll over and share my nightly dreams with Steven. He loves it.
I would like to share two of my most recent and vivid dreams on here.

Dream A...

I was dating two guys and I loved them both. They both knew about each other and they were OK with it for the most part.
My dream kind of had a Bachelorette show feeling to it.
One of the dashing young men I had to choose from was Steven (obviously) and the other one was Aladdin. Yes, Aladdin. In his cartoon form vest, hat and everything.
One day I had a date with both of them. This date was to be my last date with them before deciding which one I was going to choose.
My date with Aladdin was first. He was charming, kind, and didn't even mention Steven.  We had a lot of fun but we sort of lacked the chemistry even though he did sing and have a magic carpet.
The next date with Steven was a little different. He took me to a food court in the mall and would hardly talk to me. When I finally got him to talk to me he expressed how much he hated "sharing me" with another guy. He told me that I either needed to choose him or he would not talk to me anymore. That's when I looked at him and whispered,
"I choose you."
When I woke up I was still happy with my choice.

Dream B

I am not even sure how to explain this dream... This is going to be a long one but it's worth it.

In my dream I had been called to serve a church mission to Alaska... Yes, Alaska.
I had been dating Steven before my mission and I knew I loved him but I didn't want to admit it to myself and I REALLY, REALLY wanted to go on this mission.
On my plane ride over to Alaska (I keep wanting to say Alaska the way that Sandra Bullock does on the proposal. Al- AS- KA) my door didn't shut and I got sucked out of the plane. Good thing that I was holding onto my seat belt though because, while the pilot was doing a nose dive with the plane I was able to pull myself back in.
Anyways, we landed in Alaska and I met my companion and we went home to talk and get to know each other better. That night, as my companion and I were talking, I was telling her all about Steven and the wonderful kind of guy that he is. That's when I decided that I needed to see him.
On my first P- day I told my companion that I was going to fly back home to see Steven and that I would be back later that night. She was totally cool with it.
Well, I landed back at home and I walked the rest of the way to meet with Steven.
He didn't know I coming and he was off in the distance in a chapel praying.
(This is where it gets really weird)
I could see the chapel where Steven was praying but between us was a huge river and in the river was a scene similar to this.

Yes, the early Latter Day Saints were crossing the river so naturally, I had to wait for them.
When the last wagon made it across the river I made my way across and toward the chapel where Steven was.
From outside of the chapel I could hear Steven praying aloud and I could here someone answering him back. When I entered the chapel I could see that the voice that was answering him back was coming from a puddle on the ground. I came to the conclusion that it was Heavenly Father answering him in the form of this puddle. Every time Heavenly Father spoke the puddle would move.
Eventually I ran up to Steven and told him that I wanted to get married. He agreed and right there in that chapel Heavenly Father married us. I guess that when the big guy does the marrying there is no need for a witness.
After our secret union I flew back to Alaska and didn't tell a soul that I got married and I finished my mission for the remainder of 18 months. Whew.
And then I woke up.
I way prefer these dreams over non pregnant dreams any day.
Oh, and if you couldn't tell I would choose my husband any day of the week.


  1. haha i love its a "hale" of a life sooo funny! and i love the story of to EFY counselors sooo fun!

  2. Hey girl! You won the apron giveaway! Shoot me an email when you have a chance :)