Friday, September 10, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner!

I am so excited right now. So, I am an avid reader of the blog busy bee Lauren. A little bit ago I entered a giveaway and I WOOOOONNNNNN! I feel like I always enter tons of giveaways and... never win. I guess I won it a couple days ago but since I have been out of town I have not had time to check it. Oh, I won an apron that looks like this...

So cute right???
And my day has been made.
So, my lack of posts lately is due to my extreme business. There is so much that I NEED to document... Soon,soon.
I have only been a little bit stressed about my current situation but I will talk more about it later because right now I feel so good for winning that giveaway and I don't want anything to dash my spirits right now!


  1. This is so funny! My cousin Emily showed me Lauren's blog a little while ago (they were friends in high school or something) and I totally read that blog post about someone winning the apron! So awesome that it was you! It's really cute by the way.

  2. Really cute! Will that fit over the bump you're producing? Not sure. Better leave it at my home. Yep.