Thursday, September 16, 2010

What pregnancy hormones?

I am pregnant. Sometimes I can not tell if the things I do and say are because I am pregnant (and hormonal) or if it really is "normal" Emily talking. Just when I thought our house and job situation were under control... I found out that life is silly and likes to change my plans just in time for the baby to get here... So, here is what has been going on lately.

1. We put an offer on a house. A "short" sale. I did not think that one through... My worst nightmare is to come home from having the baby to 1000 boxes that need to be unpacked... So needless to say we have been on the hunt for another home that is a regular sale that still meets our criteria. We currently live in a tiny one bedroom apartment that has been AWESOME for the two of us. But, with just our stuff alone the apartment is pretty much bursting at the seams and thinking of squeezing another person in there makes my head hurt. We WILL have another (bigger) place before that baby gets here. Steven said so.

2. The small real estate company I currently work for is being shut down by the bigger company that Steven actually works for. I was a lot stressed about this. My current boss and I had discussed me working from home once the baby is born (which would have been ideal) and now I am not so sure what I going to do about that.

3. Lucky for me though someone from the "bigger company" offered me a job until the baby is born at the office in Mesa! I am so excited and equally or more nervous to be starting this new job on Monday. I am glad I have some time to figure out how I can work from home once I have the baby while still being able to have a job.

4. Since Steven and I have been basically working in the same office area since we have been married we have carpooled to and from work everyday and we have a daily lunch together which has been wonderful. I have loved spending all that time with Steven and I am lucky that it has lasted this long. Most couples don't have the opportunity to do that.

5. We have one car. It has not been an issue until right now. Steven works in Scottsdale the same exact time that I work in Mesa. Something must be done!

6. I am excited to get a house because I am going to start teaching violin lessons! Bring on the children. I am so excited for this and hopefully one day I will have enough students that I will not have to work another job. This is what I really want to do an I am thankful that my husband is so supportive.

I (and Steven) have come to find out that I complain about everything while pregnant. It's awesome.
I feel like this is all a test of faith. I know that the Lord has his own plan and does things in His own way in his own time. Even though I don't understand it now I am thankful for the chance that I have to grow and learn what I need to from these trials. However minor they may be.


  1. Hey! I don't have school on Monday, and if I don't work I could give you a ride to work..just an option for ya..I know you probly have a tone of people for that..but I am one more. Good luck working everything out! :)

  2. He definitely has His own plan. Aren't we glad we voted to be a part of it! :)