Friday, September 17, 2010

Eagles and such

Words cannot even express how proud I am of my (bigger than me) little brother. I have always considered him one of my best friends. For a while he went through a little rough patch in his life and I cannot believe how drastically he has managed to turn his life around.
Last week he became an official Eagle Scout. Yep, my brother, an eagle scout.

Here is Cole with my mom and dad. Cole presented my mom with beautiful roses because, let's face it, behind every Eagle Scout is an amazing mother.
So many of our family members came to support Cole. It was nice to see everyone.
While I was busy playing photographer Cole began talking about pins called the Mentor Pins. These pins (I am told) usually go to a person who influences your life for good and helps you get your eagle scout. Such as a male scout leader and such. 
When Cole presented ME with the mentor pin I was so surprised that I actually shouted "What?" It was only a little embaressing...
It really was such an honor to receive the pin.
All those years while I was trying to make sure that Cole made wise choices I know that I annoyed him and I wanted to bang my head into the wall more times than I can count but boy I'll tell you what, it was all worth it.
Cole being escorted to the "eagles nest" where all men who have recieved eagles were sitting. Just FYI my husband was one of them. Yep, he too is a bonified eagle scout. I know, I am a lucky lady.
Surprise! those are not real eagles. It's just Cole and me.

... I am not really sure. But I like it!

Yep, we are proud of this boy!

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