Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend Review

Yes, it is true.  I still need to update pictures from Halloween and now I have Thanksgiving to do as well! So, before I get into the pictures (in an upcoming post) let me tell you all little bit about our weekend...
Thanksgiving morning we got up bright and early and headed out to meet up with some friends to play football. Actually Steven played football (he told me I could not play) so my friend Joni and her baby Xelly and I hung out and had a good time watching our husbands play... we had no idea what was going on most of the time so we would cheer at random times for them.
Later that day we made some food and headed over to my aunt Tiffany's house where almost the entire Tipton family was gathered. Let me tell you, Thanksgiving with the Tipton family should be filmed and made into a movie. I am the oldest of over 20 grandchildren so as you can imagine there are TONS of little kids constantly running around who never, ever get tired. I am jealous and there is always someone getting into trouble making our time together so entertaining.
Everyone brought AMAZING food and we all ate way too much.
To follow tradition, after dinner we went out and played kickball in the park. After I kicked the ball and ran to first base I decided that I was done and went and held Violet, the youngest of the grandchildren while we watched everyone else play. We then went back to the house, stuffed our face with pies, and played just dance.
(Note to self: DO NOT play just dance after eating while 33 weeks pregnant. I felt I was going to pass out from food/ dance overload. And I may have peed my pants.)
After the food was almost gone we decided to go home and take naps before heading out to get an early start for black Friday shopping at 12 am.
We walked around the mall for a good 2 hours (my poor feet) and got lots of great things we didn't know we needed until we saw them.
(Another note to self: Arizona Mills Mall is scary. Do not go there after dark.)
On our way out we saw a crowd of people surrounded by mall security and cops. It looked like we had just missed a major throw down. Like I said, the mall is scary after dark.
Friday we did... some more shopping and went to the movies with the whole family.
Saturday we did... more shopping, and Costa Vida with the whole family.
It was a crazy fun filled weekend.
Our son is going to be so stylish because we spent WAY too much on him...  Thank you Old Navy and your ridiculous sales.
Of course when my family gets together it seems that one person always comes sick and spreads it around like wild fire to everyone else. Luckily, getting sick did not stop me from shopping (although it probably should have. I still feel like crap today.)
Also, all that walking (in awful shoes) has caused an early onset of the pregnancy waddle. The pain in my pelvic area has made my life (and my walk, and the way I get out of bed) so much more interesting.
While my body is recovering from all the walking, eating, and sickness, I can't help but think about what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had. More than ever I am so thankful for eternal families.
... Is it weird that I am craving another Thanksgiving dinner? I may need to go to Boston Market for lunch... I am disgusting.


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  2. Ohhh, I remember the pelvic pain. It is so harsh. I found that it really helped to sleep with a pillow between my knees. And then, when you get out of bed, make sure you swing your legs as a unit. Pretend you are a mermaid, and that your legs are attached to each other. Swing them around together and plant them on the floor together. Same with getting out of the car. I have many, many tips like this. I have experienced every single pregnancy horror you could imagine. I am a wealth of information. Ask anytime. :)