Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back on track- Music!

I have always been a music lover. I believe that music can totally alter our moods. I believe that music can heal.
When I play or listen to music it's a lot like reading a book. I feel like I have been transported to another place at another time. When I play or listen to music I try to imagine a story that goes along with the song. That way, no song is ever boring and when I play the song I am able add so much more emotion into it and I am convinced that it makes the song sound so much better. For example, say I were playing this song (which is one of my mom's favorite songs that I play on the piano) I can imagine someone saying a very painful, very loving goodbye and through the music I can feel the emotions that the person would experience and then I try to feel that emotion while I am playing. Am I making any sense?
I have always used music as an outlet. My mom told me other day that she could always tell when I was feeling some extreme emotion like happiness, sadness, or if I was mad because I would go straight for my violin or piano and go to town.
Sadly, over the years I have not played nearly as much I want to (I think that not having a piano in my home anymore might have something to do with this) and it makes me so, so sad. I really have no excuse why I don't play more than I do now. Not only that but my passion for music altogether (meaning listening to music) is not like it once was. I still enjoy music so much but I don't listen to it or go searching for it, and go to shows like I once did. So! That is why I have decided that I am going to re ignite my passion and I think that this blog might help. I am going to start posting songs that I find and like, or old songs that I have always loved on this little blog. I know that it is such a small insignificant thing but I really think that it can help me get super excited about music again.
The summer before my Sophomore year I took summer school (I had to do this because our seminary class did not count as a credit). During summer school I met Kristine (of Kristine or Polly). We became fast friends and we would talk endlessly about music and Harry Potter, of course. One day we exchanged Cd's. I gave her Dashboard Confessional and she gave me Death Cab for Cutie. She was kind of obsessed with them at the time. This was my introduction to this amazing band that I have come to love. I heard one of their new songs today and I kind of love it! So without further ado...


  1. Oh wow now I'm going to go find that Ashokan music....

    Also, yep we're in Mesa! We're basically at Gilbert and Baseline. Are you guys close? We love having friends over! Or maybe I could bribe you over with our piano...(we're actually just storing someone else's for an undetermined time...we hope forever).

  2. What a fun idea! I suck because my work computer won't play this, but I'll pretend that I'm listening to it...