Friday, April 1, 2011

The Burshday Boy!

I have three "little" brothers Cole, Truman, and Quinn. Two of which are actually not so little anymore and have surpassed me in height and weight. All of my brothers are very special to me.
Today on this fine April Fools day Truman was born! 
Truman is your typical stud. Popular in school, very social, muscles on top of muscles, good with the ladies. He is also the weirdest eater I have ever seen. A while ago I was at my parents house and my mom made a popular Japanese noodle dish for the family and before even taking a bite Truman went to the pantry, got a handfull of CHIPS and crumpled them up and poured them all over the noodles... He does stuff like this all the time... So weird. 
At least his diet of nothing but pb & j, chicken nuggets and yes, hot dog BUNS with nothing but ketchup on them has improved. 
I invited myself and Winston to his Birthday party that he is having tonight (he does not know that I am going to be there yet but he will love it) and my mom told me that he invited so many girls that they had to convince him to invite more boys. Typical Truman. 
Happy fifteenth Birthday Tru dude! I wish that you could just stay 15 forever. Next year you are going to start dating... and knowing you, you probably already have dates lined up for that day. Before you leave I just wanted to leave with a little message from your best bud, Winston...
Happy Birshday from Emily Hale on Vimeo.

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