Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding Memories: Day 2

If you have ever seen my side bar or you know me at all you know that Steven and I met at EFY. At EFY we learn and teach very special dances to very special songs. One of the songs that we learned to dance to is called We Like to Party.
For our reception I put Steven in charge of the music. (We used an ipod instead of spending money on a DJ.)
Of course knowing that I could not resist a good We Like to Party dance Steven put the song on the wedding mix and this happened...

Yep. We busted out on the dance floor by ourselves while everyone else watched. 


  1. We like, we like to party! :) You two are so cute! We definitely still bust out every time Let's Get Loud comes on the iPod. lol. happy 2 years coming up!

  2. Oh thanks! Haha! I loved lets get loud!!!

  3. You will have to teach me that dance - it was after my EFY time. :)

  4. Love this! We did the same thing except we had a whole brigade of people dancing behind us. Gotta love EFY couples!