Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Decisions, decisions.

This weekend I have a big decision...
Steven and I are going to a cabin in Greer for the weekend. We were planning on taking the little man but my mom just called and said that she could take him for the weekend...
I am already having some serious seperation issues with this kid. I get sad when he takes a nap for too long because I miss him. Yeah, it's bad. The longest that I have ever been away from him at one time since he was born was three hours. THREE HOURS. Since he has been born Steven and I have gone out twice by ourselves without him. I have just gotten so used to having him with me all the time that even when Steven is home and I need to go somewhere, I usually just take Winston with me.
So this brings me to my decision. To leave him or not to?
On one hand I want to take him because leaving him would be to hard for me. So really for selfish reasons. Also, it would be our first trip as a family. I also feel bad for leaving him for a full weekend. Does it make me a bad mother?
Then on the other hand,
Maybe some time alone with Steven would be good for us and healthy for our relationship. Winston is four months... Maybe he will be fine to leave for the weekend. I know that he will be in very good hands. I trust my mom with him more than anyone else, including me.
Am I being crazy?
So, I need opinions please! Should we leave him with my parents or bring him with us? Really I know that this is not a big deal but I am having a really hard time deciding.


  1. Hi Emily! Alone time between couples is VITAL! I'm studying psychology and the importance of quality time between husband and wife come up almost daily as we discuss healthy relationships. If you can bare to leave him, you should do it :) He'll love his grandma time!
    (this is Amber Kumar btw :)

  2. Agreed! You need some alone time! Gwen loves grandma time- winston will have a blast:)

  3. I can't give any opinion from experience, but maybe it's still valid. :) YES it would be very good and healthy for you guys and your relationship. I think you've already made your decision but you are afraid of leaving your new son, which is totally understandable. Winston will be fine and then some! Heck, your mom is offering! Don't know how often that will happen. ;) I'm sure life has ben crazy especially since your little guy has come into your lives. Take a weekend to yourselves. That's my vote. :)

  4. P.S. That does not make you a bad mother! :)

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  6. I had similar issues when Emme was only 2 months old, and I had to go back to work. Let me tell you, it was hard. I cried on the way to work, but in the end I was SOOO glad I did it. You need some time to remember that you are not only a mom, but a wife, and an individual too. We also took a weekend away, and I cried the first night we were away, but it really helped our relationship. I say go have fun and stop worrying! You're a GREAT mom!