Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This might make my mom proud...

My mom is the cleanest, most organized person I have ever known and those who know her would say the same. Through the years my mom has taught me time and time again how to clean and organize like she does. No matter how hard she tried I have never really been a neat and tidy kind of person. I will clean when I have to (and do it well like I was taught) but it really does not come naturally to me. It really is just pure laziness. I have to try really hard to keep our apartment clean and organized. It's really sad.
The other day I came across this picture
All of a sudden I not only felt the obligation to clean, but the desire.
I want that closet. Look at how pretty and organized it looks! They even break down how to do everything!

I got really excited and started doing my "spring cleaning". I de-cluttered my closet, deep cleaned the entire room, got rid of all the ridiculous things that I don't need. I folded up all my "winter" clothes and put them away and our room looks amazing!!! However, I might be running out of steam a little bit. Just doing our room took me 2 days... If I just keep looking at the pictures above I will get the strength to carry on! Aren't those pictures so pretty???


  1. oooh I'm a major fan of organization (in pictures) I'm right there with you on the 'doesn't come naturally' deal. I've caught the spring cleaning bug too, though! I'm excited to get our home whipped into shape for the summer months! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I am the cleaning/organizing nerd of the U.S.A. Those pictures make me so happy. This makes me want to organize my kids' shoes right NOW!! But first I have to clean the stupid kitchen...

  3. Don't stop now! You'll be surprised once you declutter your home how much clearer you can think! This makes me happy.