Monday, May 9, 2011

My twin eggs.

Yesterday Steven made me some delicious waffles for Mothers Day. When he cracked one of the eggs for the waffle it came out like this:

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Double egg yolks fascinate me so of course I took a picture.

Then today, I was making some strawberry cupcakes (actually I am currently still making them. I saw these eggs and I had to run and write this all down due to excitement) and cracked an egg and found this:
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The yolk of the one on the left broke

I laughed and sent Steven a picture. 
I still needed 2 more eggs so I cracked another one and...
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I laughed even harder this time and of course sent Steven a picture. 
Then I cracked my last egg and...!
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Now I am kind of freaked out. 
According to superstition (yes, I looked it up) when you crack twin eggs it most commonly means
A. That you are having twins.
B. That there is going to be a death in the family. 
I would really rather that neither of these things happen. 
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But seriously this is so weird, right??? I have maybe cracked 3 twin eggs my whole life and within the last two days we have cracked 4! Good thing I don't believe in superstitions...

Don't worry. I did crack one more egg just to see if my streak would continue. It did not. 
But who knows?
Does anyone want an omelet? Scrambled eggs maybe? I will make them! 


  1. That is crazy! I don't think I've ever seen that. The pictures aren't showing up on my computer at the moment so I'm enjoying the images in my imagination. Maybe we'll be hearing news of twins... :D Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. This is ca-razy. And scary. Yeah, the pics aren't showing up on my computer, either. But I believe you.