Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dancing King

When Steven and I first got married we started a tradition to play music that goes with the theme of whatever dinner we are making. For example: for anything Italian we play Andrea Bocelli. Or if we are making Jamacian jerk chicken we play Bob Marley. Obviously... and so on. Sometimes while I am making dinner Steven will grab me and twirl me around and dance with me. I have never let him know this but those are some of my favorite moments. Ever. Sometimes, if I am really lucky, he will even sing to me. It's story book romantic. Anyone that knows Steven knows that he loves to dance. And truth be told he is actually pretty good at it. Please observe the pictures I was lucky enough to capture of the dancing man himself. And don't forget to enjoy them.


  1. I was just talking to Brad about doing that the other day! I told him I wanted to start collecting good music for us to cook/eat to. I'm glad to know I'm not entirely crazy.

  2. i love this series. i'm stealing your idea for Cam's birthday in august. hope that's ok :)