Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's better than flowers?

It was December 21, 2010 and Steven and I were settling into our hospital room where our baby boy would join us the next day. As dinner time rolled around Steven left the hospital to "grab some food." About an hour later I began to worry so I called him. He gave me some excuse as to why it was taking him so long to get food and I believed him. A few minutes after the call he walked in carrying a Victoria's Secret bag. He told me that he walked into VS and told an employee there that his wife was in the hospital having a baby and he wanted to buy the most comfy sweats they had. And boy did they deliver. I wore the sweats almost every day and night for weeks. It was just perfect for covering up my after baby belly and oh so comfy! I would take VS sweats over flowers any day. I love how thoughtful he is.

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