Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Moment to Brag

Now, I am not usually one for bragging (cue my mom and husband's laughter) but I just wanted to take a second to talk about something that I am really happy about.
A few days before Winston turned 6 months I hit my goal weight!
After I had him I was determined not to let the baby fat stick around (especially as I have more children) and so I bought myself a scale to monitor my weight daily. I set a goal weight and I got to work.
When it was not so hot that I could hardly breathe upon stepping outside Winston and I would go on walks daily. Going on walks is my favorite form of exercise. Even though I know that it is not the most effective form of exercise it was my time for my baby and I to slow down and enjoy the world around us. It's amazing how many things stand out with beauty when you take a second to slow down and notice. We would go at least two miles every day but Sunday.
I also did yoga, walk/ jog around high school tracks, and a little bit of tennis.
I think the thing that benefited me the most was for the first time in my life I actually watched what I was eating. It was hard but so worth it! I feel so healthy. I enjoyed many clean eating recipes. Now, I don't really believe in "dieting" just eating healthy, and these recipes were awesome! I stopped eating so much meat and started to enjoy fruits and veggies so much more than I did before. I learned to have some meals that showcase the fruit or veggies as the star instead of meat. I also (and this one was hard) learned to control how much I ate. I stop eating when I am full. What a grand idea.
I have also never had a problem with soda but I did enjoy my Dr. Pepper. I would give myself one soda day a week where I could have a can of D.P. (most times I would not even do that). These were usually days that I would get headaches. Now I have given it up completely.
At the end of the day I have learned that it does not matter how much I weigh, really. As long as I am healthy I am happy.
Now, even though I have lost all the weight I wanted to my body is still not what it was before (I am talking about that little pouch of fat right on the abs and the stretch marks I got on my legs and booty) but I am thankful for that. I am proud of my "mommy marks". They remind me of the remarkable things that my body has done and the sweet baby I was able to carry.
Now I am gonna treat myself to a chocolate shake!... just kidding... maybe.


  1. Woohoo! Good job Emily! :)

  2. Hi's Emily! I hope it's not weird that I'm commenting on your blog. But I think it's totally awesome that you lost your baby weight - and in a healthy way! Congrats. Lately I have been transforming the way I view and eat food, and so that website you posted comes at the perfect time! I've been trying to focus on less meat, more veggies, and way less processed foods. Sometimes it's hard to find recipes so I'm really happy to have that clean eating website. Thanks! You and your family are just adorable.

  3. Yay Emily! You have a blog!!! I am so glad you commented. I seriously feel so much better. It's incredible how much the food I eat effects the way I feel. I never knew until I started the clean eating "diet" how unhappy my body was... if that makes sense. Let me know how everything goes! It was great to hear from you.
    LoraLynn and Kami- thank you for your sweet comments!