Monday, October 17, 2011


Things have been BUSY around here! Blogging has not really been at the top of my priority list. Here's why:
-Steven is in school
- I decided to go back to school as well. I love it. It's all online and I am getting all A's for the first time in my life! More on that later...
- And the really big thing is that we packed up our little condo and... moved in with my parents. We are going to live here for a few months while we save up money to buy a house. I can't wait. But now that we are getting settled in here and things start calming down a little bit I will be right back to blogging.
- Oh also being a mom to a crazy active 9 month old has kept me busy as well. He is so full of energy and going through this phase where he only wants me ALL THE TIME. Good thing he is so cute.
That basically sums up all that we have been up to.
Be back soon... hopefully.

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