Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winston, Winston, Winston.

So, I have been a little emotional about Winston turing one next month. And by "a little" I mean a whole lot. 
I can't help but get emotional when I look at this picture. I can not help it. This picture was taken on Christmas day last year just one day after getting out of the hospital after having Winston. He was 3 days old. 
Words cannot possibly express what I feel for him. Just know that whenever I do think about my love for him my eyes fill up with tears and I try to hold back having a total break down. Sooo... I try not to think about it too very often. I don't think that I could emotionally handle it on an hourly basis.
No matter how much I love that Winston is growing I can't help but miss when his little 5 pound body would curl up against mine. He would sit there for hours and I would let him sleep and just stare at him, completely overwhelmed with how lucky I am to have this little boy.  
Now he won't sit still longer than 5 seconds and he gets into anything and everything. Our snuggling time is limited because he needs to explore everything. All the time. He calls me "momma" and puts the phone (remote, toys, etc...) up to his ear and tries to say hello. He finds me when I hide and then he goes and hides and makes me find him. We play this game everyday. He always makes me laugh at him and he laughs at me. We are each others biggest fans. And with every passing day I love him more and more.
And just so happens that I am kind of obsessed with this boy too...

Seriously. Could they look any more alike? So much handsomeness going on in this photo.


  1. Emily, you make me cry. I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones. Thanks for reminding me to slow down and enjoy where we're at right now. I needed this today.

  2. It's so very bittersweet, huh? It's so fun to watch them grow and become their own little person, but you miss them being little and cuddly, too.

    Winston looks SOOOO much like Steve! It's crazy.

  3. I love your blog. I became a follower! Erin