Saturday, January 7, 2012

December recap!

December was such a whirlwind. I spent all year looking forward to it and now it's gone. And if the world really does end on December 21st then Winston will be one day shy of his 2nd Birthday so... there's that. 
Speaking of Winston we totally celebrated his first Birthday in style.
Read more about his Birthday recap HERE.
We also Celebrated Christmas
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- Did something awesome that I will (hopefully) share soon!
- I started doing side jobs part time
- One of my very best friends had her first baby named Kingston and I am so in love with him. He came in at a very healthy 8 lbs 12 oz (a pretty big difference from Winston's 5 lbs 5 oz). Kingston is such a handsome boy!
 Winston and Kingston are already best friends.

To end the month and year we had our traditional chocolate milk toast.
We started doing this the year we got engaged because we did not have any bubbly. Chocolate milk is the best alternative.

Whew! As fun as December was I am glad to say that it is over. We have so much to look forward to this year. Including Winston's 2nd Birthday!

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