Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Christmas Time!

And it's about time that I blogged about Christmas. This year was amazing. Having a kid during Christmas time brings back all the magic. Not LITERALLY having a kid during Christmas time like we did last year. Last year Winston was only 3 days old on Christmas so we kind of missed out on Christmas because we were too busy staring at our new baby. I was so excited to see him open his gifts this year on Christmas morning that I could hardly sleep the night before.
Surprisingly Winston was not at all interested in the wrappers or boxes and he went straight for the good stuff. Such a good kid. We will keep him.
I have way too many pictures and instead of writing captions for each I am taking the lazy way out and just going to sum it all up.
We were with my family this year (we missed you Hale family!) and on Christmas Eve we went over to my Grandmas house for a yummy Mexican dinner. We did a talent show and I was able to play my violin while everyone sang along. It was so much fun. This was our first Christmas Eve with my family since we were married and I forgot how much I loved it!
My grandma also insisted that each family come up with a song to sing for everyone. Steven and I tried to take it up a level and the week leading up to this night we practiced our own Christmas medley. The songs involved were Feliz Navidad, I Want a Hippo For Christmas, and All I Want For Christmas is You. It was epic.
Christmas we opened gifts in the morning, went to church (church on Christmas is the best thing ever and the way it should be every year), had my the Hancock (my moms side) come over for Christmas brunch, and topped the day off with Christmas dinner at my Grandmas... Whew!
Let me just touch on some of the gifts we got as well.
Steven got me a coupon for a mani/ pedi and dinner with one my very best friends, sees candy, a beautiful camera (aka my new baby) and WICKED tickets!!!
I got him a Christmas tie to wear to church, a 3 hour cooking lesson, and I organized all his mission stuff and made a scrapbook for him.
Winston got lots of toys and the cutest little vans from his Aunt Victoria.
We were also so spoiled this year from both sides of our families. We feel so loved.
But the best gift of all is that of the life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I love him and I know he loves me.
Ok. I know that there is so much I could go on about but how about some pictures?
I KNOW it's blurry. I ask you to look beyond that. 

Violin playing. 

Family Christmas songs

4 out of 6 Tipton children. They also did a lovely Christmas song together. 

Winston's "big gift"

he did not want to leave his new train.

Gift from my parents

Gift from Steven's parents.

My handsom boys in their church clothes. 

Steven and my newest cousin, Wes.

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