Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A love letter to my favorite exercise...

I love walking. Like, I am SERIOUSLY passionate about it. And by walking I mean power walking. Like, swing your hips obnoxiously and take ridiculously long strides kind of walking.
Walking is my favorite way to exercise ever! I love looking at all the houses and plants all around and really take everything in. I hardly ever go the same way twice and I find something new every day.
I have never liked staying inside for very long. Being outside keeps me sane.
Winston also has a serious love for the great outdoors. He stands by the back door and looks out the window and whines until we let him play outside.
About two weeks after Winston was born I began walking with him in the stroller almost every day. This is probably the only reason I lost all the baby weight...
We are now to the point where we walk around for 1 hour every morning and then for 15 or 20 minutes we go to the park and play. Watching Winston explore is one of my favorite things in the world. Yesterday we were tossing a tennis ball back and forth and then he threw it down the sidewalk, ran over and picked it up, tossed it again ran over, picked it up and this went on for about 10 more minutes. And I just watched. It was funny to me... and maybe you had to be there.
If ever I am feeling stressed, frustrated, sad, mad... a quick walk outside makes everything in the world better... I am not really sure why I wanted to write this. Aaaaaaaaand I'm done. I'll probably go on a walk or something.


  1. Good for you! Speed walking for an hour is like jogging for half an hour. And wayyyy better for your knees. You're getting some good calorie burning in there. I wish we could go walking, Gage and I. But it's in the single digits, and the wind has been blowing at 50 miles per hour for the past few days. Yeee!!

  2. Oh no! Another reason I could not live somewhere cold. I get all bundled up to go into 50 degree weather in morning and I still freeze! The summer time will kill me though. I may go walking in my swim suit.