Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My third arm.

A while ago I did a posted about one of my favorite things in the entire world. 
I call it my third arm.
 I pretty much love it the same amount as I love my other two arms. 
The great thing about my third arm is that it is indeed detached from my body and where a shoulder and bones should be, there is a magnet. 
Seriously. It does not get any better.
In case you missed my last post on this subject here is a refresher...

{Me when I was going to college in a REALLY small town and obviously VERY bored. Or was I...?}
One of my favorite things to do with the arm is to stick it in surprising places for Steven (or anyone else) to find...

All these pictures were taken a few years ago when I was allowed to have the arm with me whenever I wanted.
I think that Steven got fed up with finding the arm in random places because now the arm can only be brought out during Halloween time... So month after month it sits in the "Halloween Box" waiting to be reunited with me.

Since October we have been living with my parents and of course I decorated our room with our Halloween stuff. When Halloween was over, the arm... didn't find it's way back into the box. It has been tucked away behind the couch (hidden from Steven) if I needed it, (you would be surprised how often this happens) it would be way more convient for me to quickly grab it from the behind the couch instead of going all the way to garage and digging through boxes. I have been waiting and waiting for the perfect moment to get it out (this arm is seriously on my mind waaaay too much).
Tonight was that night.
Winston was hanging out in our room and went behind the couch and he found the arm all by himself.
He loved it the moment he saw it.
He then climbed into our trash can and stood there with the arm in his hands and I have never, ever been more proud.

This kid may be the spitting image of his dad but, I have a feeling that he just might be more like me on the inside. And that's the stuff that really matters... right? 


  1. Ok this is going to sound really creepy and stalkerish but...you have a really pretty smile. I think so every time I read your blog :) the end

  2. Thank you! You are my new best friend.