Monday, March 5, 2012

My Bama

March 3rd was my Bama's (grandma's) Birthday. 
She is one of the most unique and funny women I have ever known. 
Here are a few of what I like to call "bamaisms"... 
- Bama is 4'9" and shrinking. It is a big accomplishment when one of us grandkids pass her up in height. This usually happens when we are 9 or 10. 
 - Does not matter who you are or how long you have known her, Bama will most likely slap you on your booty and walk away like nothing happened. Just for fun.
- When I would have friends sleep over at my house Bama would offer to do belly dances for us. We never took her up on the offer. Now I kinda wish we did...
- Bama makes the best spaghetti and pasta salad I have ever or will ever have in my life.
- Bama will always figure out and tell you what celebrity you look like. Most recently she told me I looked like J-Lo. Although I am super flattered I am still trying to see that one.
-  Bama has many unique nicknames for her grandkids. Most commonly I have been called:
Charlie Brown
Hershey kisses eyes
Only (for being her only granddaughter)
just to name a few...
- Bama is the best at sending cards any time of year. She is also very good at altering or emphasizing what the card says inside. For example: She will cross off words and add in new ones or underline or circle a word 1000 times to show it's importance. Then she will write on every empty space on the card to give it even more of a personal touch.
- When we get a Birthday card from Bama there is usually money inside with a message like, "Go buy yourself a big cookie."
- I can not smell cinnamon and raison bread without thinking of her.
- Even though Bama only wears mumus she knows exactly what is hip in fashion and knows ALL of the juicy celebrity gossip.
- Whenever Bama would put me to bed as a kid she would always give me butterfly kisses and then rub my nose with hers and sing "let's rub noses like the eskimoses."
- Bama loves reading. I was introduced to many classic childrens books because of her.
- One of my favorite things about Bama is that she is always singing. I remember sitting in her lap while she would rock me in my rocking chair and sing me songs like, Meet Me in St. Louis, Oh Mr. Dunderback... and many other others...
Now Steven and I rock Winston in the same chair that Bama used to rock me in. I sing him the same songs that Bama taught me and read him the same books. 

You deserve the best Birthday ever. 
Now go buy yourself a big cookie.
I love you more. 
Your oldest granddaughter, Charlie Brown, Hershey kisses eyes, Emily.


  1. So adorable I love her already!!
    Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Great Em - and A Happy Happy Day to my Mom, from her first kid! (Randy)