Saturday, March 17, 2012

We Celebrate!

My family has always done holidays BIG!!! Usually a holiday, Birthday, anniversary... really any kind of celebration never just lasts one day. A celebration in my family can be dragged out for weeks. 
For some reason we have always celebrated to the extreme. 
Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming but for the most part, I LOVE IT! 
This year, mine and Steven's anniversary lasted a whole week. 
And it was marvelous. 

We kicked off our anniversary week with a little play called Wicked!!!
We left Winston home with a baby sitter and from what I understand he was very good. 
He is a good child. 
We shall keep him. 
3 years ago, almost to the day, we saw Wicked on our honey moon in San Fran for the first time. 

Here we are 3 years ago about ready to see the show. 
So excited, young, in love, and good looking. 
 And this is us now. 
Still excited, still young, much more in love, and even better looking. And some said it couldn't be done.
 Also, we are almost in the exact same pose in both pictures. It was not on purpose. 
We loved Wicked back in 2009 and we LOVE it now.
We were even able to sit next to some of our favorite friends, Ken and Maddie, and my parents and brothers were there as well, a few rows away.
I can't even say how much I love Wicked. There are no words. 
 On Wednesday, March 14 we celebrated our actual anniversary. 
We decided that the best way to celebrate our 3 years together would be to go to the temple where we made it all official.
Every time we go to the temple we have a rare opportunity to kind of "renew our vows" if we choose to do so. By doing this we are able to hear the exact words that were spoken at our wedding ceremony, the promises we made to one another and God, and the wonderful blessings that come from keeping those promises. 
It is great to be reminded. 
It is especially great to pretend that we are doing it all over again. Looking deeply into my husbands baby blues while he promises his love to me forever and ever makes me kind of weak in the knees. Luckily we can do this as often as we want. It was just especially special to do it on our anniversary. 

*I am very proud of myself because I planned this last part for over a week and I never even hinted about it to Steven. Big accomplishment for me.*
The Friday following of our anniversary I told Steven that Winston had an Dr. appointment so that I could take our only car for the day. I lied to Steven about Winston having an appointment with the Dr. He did, however, have an appointment with my family for a sleepover. 
I needed our car to drive Winston down to my parents house to drop him off. After doing that I drove all the way to Scottsdale and picked Steven up from work. 
As soon as I saw him walk out of the office building I jumped out of the car and told him that Winston was not going to be with us for the night and that we were going to go on a date.
This has been the first real surprise that I have been able to successfully accomplish since we have been married. Steven usually figures out anything I want to surprise him with...
He was sooo excited about our date. Way more excited than I anticipated. 
It has been a while since we have gone on a date, just the 2 two of us. And by a while mean like a month. Which really is not bad...

We decided to hang out in Scottsdale and go to Indulge Burger for dinner and a movie, The Artist (2 thumbs up).

All in all I have to say that this was a very successful anniversary. I am looking forward to sharing many more!


  1. i love scottsdale! big fan. which is why i live there. so many fun treasures.

  2. Emily, you guys are just the cutest! Glad you had fun celebrating your three years together. Doesn't time just go by so fast? Love that your surprise was a success.. nice work!!