Thursday, April 5, 2012

Truman- the boy who turned 16.

After Steven and I moved into our new house I was going through some things. I found a paper that my second youngest brother, Truman, had written to me for Valentines day when he was a little boy. 
While looking at the paper please notice that he used candy hearts to fill in some words. Adorable right? Unfortunately Winston was also a fan of the candy hearts and ate one... Also, notice the "evil heart" in the bottom left corner. I don't even know... but I love it. 
It says:
Dear Emily,I am your #1 fan. You're an all star at singing. Sometime in the summer we should do something just you & me. I love you all the time. I hope you dream well on Valentines day. You have quite a heart of gold (my favorite line ever). You are  my only sister and the one I love

Is that not the cutest thing you have ever read in your whole life? It makes me feel like I was a decent big sister.
Shortly after finding this paper and feeling super good about myself I found the paper below, also by Truman... Probably from the same year. 
It is entitled:
The Messiest Person I Know

The messiest person I know is my sister, Emily Zoe Tipton. She never cleans her room, almost never does the dishes, and almost ever we see her do her homework she is the messiest person I know. 
Sincerely, Truman Tipton 
Aaaaand we are back. 
I don't even have words. 
It makes me want to laugh AND cry. 

I still can't believe that my little red headed, freckled, curly haired, adorable little brother is official dating age...
Happy 16th Birthday, Truman!
(Dear girls who are also of dating age... If you break his heart, I break you. You have been warned.)
May the odds be ever in your favor.  

Your sister with the "heart of gold".

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