Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Confidence Part 2

Remember how I made the decision that this was the year that I was going to finally be more confident in myself? I have been working on it and praying about and I must say, I have experienced quite a change.
I am still a work in progress. Truth be told, this may always be the case and that's OK. Always striving to be better than the person you are now is something that we, as imperfect humans need to do. It makes sense to me...
These last few months I have been given many opportunities to grow. I have learned that a way for me to gain confidence in myself is to do something completely outside of my comfort zone, and nail it. For example- Remember the post I did a while back about being put in charge of a choir program for the relief society? I was overwhelmed, nervous, scared, and a little bit excited. Through the experience of putting it together I learned that:
- asking for help does not make you a weak person. If anything it makes you stronger and it gives others     a chance to serve. Everyone wins.
- If you call, text, or email people they will not hurt you or even be a little bit scary. Generally, people are pretty nice.
- fake it till you make it.
- If you have faith and confidence in what you are doing, it will all turn out.

And it did. It all turned out. The spirit was there and the music was beautiful. And I felt really good that I was able to pull it off (with a lot of help).

I feel that if I was given the same task a year ago I would have said no or I would have said yes and then done nothing with it. I am really good at starting things and getting really excited about them- really bad at following through.
I am finding that by accomplishing things and working to the best of my ability, I feel so much better about myself.
I am so happy with where my life is going and how I feel about myself. I feel like I can accomplish anything I want. This is probably the first time that I have really felt that I can do whatever I want. The future I want does not seem so unreachable...

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