Monday, May 7, 2012

Goodbye 22!

Well my birth week has finally come to an end. What a great and exhausting week I had!
It started out with a package from Elder Tipton allll the way from Japan.
Here is what was in the package. Wasn't that so nice of him to remember? Can't wait to talk to him on Mothers Day!
The Saturday before my Birthday I had a combined Birthday party with my best friend, Hailee. Our Birthdays are only a week apart so it made sense.
We played some kickball at the school right by our house...

And Hailee made 3 delicious cakes for everyone... craving one right now.
The morning of my actual birthday Steven made me a delicious waffle breakfast and let me open some presents before going to work.
"The great and spacious make-up kit!"
My new babies! These shoes are fantastic! You can't really tell in the picture but they are just grey and neon pick. Love.
For lunch that day some of the girls from my family and my friend Madison went to eat at one of my favorites, Liberty Market. It was delicious!
After Steven got home from work we went to another favorite eatery, Joe's Farm and Grill. Seriously some of my favorite food ever.  

And to end my week of Birth we had a big Tipton dinner. I chose to eat Honey and Lime Chicken Enchiladas. Again, so delicious.
It was a wonderful and very busy Birthday! But next year I think all I want is just to hang out wih Steven... thank you everyone (especially Steven and Mom) for making my day extra awesome!

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