Monday, May 7, 2012


Every first Sunday of every month in our church the members all have an opportunity to get up in front of the congregation and testify what they know and believe is true about the church. Anyone who desires to do this, can. Sometimes testimony meeting can get a little... weird. You never really know how it will turn out. Other times the meeting is so powerful and full of the spirit.
Yesterday our testimony meeting was wonderful. I know the spirit was there with all the amazing testimonies but there was one that really stood out to me. Well, not just one testimony but one word in particular.
That word was CONSISTENCY.
It really got me thinking.
How could I apply this word into my life and more specifically, my parenting?
I felt very strongly that for me one of the keys of being a good parent is being consistant.
I hope I have not lost you...
Here is what I mean-
CONSISTENTLY- going to church.
- I want my children to know that going to church is a priority over anything else. Obviously please don't go to church if you are sick (have a brand new baby...). No sporting or social event are worth missing church and the sacrament for.
CONSISTENTLY- reading scriptures.
- There is power in reading the scriptures. I want to my children to have an understanding and a love of the messages and doctrine that are in those pages. I know that reading from them consistently will help my children's knowledge and spirituality grow.
CONSISTENTLY- say prayers.
- There is an old saying, "A family that prayers together, stays together." Family prayer can bring families so much closer together. I believe in personal revelation. I know that when I pray, Heavenly Father hears me and he answers me, personally. He is my father. He wants to hear from me, just like any earthly father wants to hear from his children. If you make it a point to consistently pray, imagine the great example you will set for your children.
CONSISTENTLY- hold family home evening.
- Growing up my family was really good about this (from what I remember). I do know that there were many times that my brothers and I really tested our parents patience, but we still got through it and usually had a great experience. As we got older this was sometimes the only time that my whole family could sit down together and just enjoy being with one another.
CONSISTENTLY- telling your children you love them with everything you have no matter what.
- I want my children to know that my love for them is consistant and never ending. No choice they make could ever change them. I think it's important that they always know that. (Do you love that I am talking as if I have children?) 

These are all things that I really need to work on. I need to be a better example of all of this.
I know for me and my family if we are consistant in these few things we will be so much stronger.
 Not just as a family but as individuals. I am constantly scared that I will do so many things that will screw up my children. But I know that as long as we are doing these few things right, somehow we are all going to be just fine.

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