Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Recap

Mother's Day was ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! It was like a day from a fairy tale. I got sooo spoiled by my boys... Way too much.
I am not complaining though. It was the most amazing day. 
I woke up to some fantastic gifts. And fantastic is an understatement. 

Don't be confused by the double stroller. I AM NOT PREGNANT. The stroller was so expensive and will last us pretty much forever so we are just being overly prepared because, believe it or not (mom) we will be having more children someday.

So, I got flowers, the bob (jogging stroller), and a BBQ smoker. I asked Steven for some smoked pulled pork so obviously we had to get a smoker to go with our grill. 
Aaand don't forget my cute gift from my mother-in-law. I did not get a picture of my gift from my mom but she got me a yummy candle from bath and body works. 
oh and I made Steven come outside to take pictures of us and the new stroller. I had to test it out before getting ready for church. 
Speaking of church AMAZING! In most wards they have the moms stand up at the end of sacrament and usually the youth hands out a candy car or flower. Not in this ward. 
During relief society all of the women 18+ came to the relief society room. All of them. Even those in primary, young women, nursery... we were all there together. We sat and talked while the bishopric came around and passed out bite sized cheese cakes, fruit and water. It was amazing. 

Of course we headed to my grandparents house for dinner like we do for almost every holiday. Mother's Day is extra special. All the women (18+, mother or not) pick our meal and sit in the dining room by ourselves while the men sit in the other room, watch the children, and serve us. It is so fun to just sit and talk without having to worry about what Winston in climbing on...
We ended the night with a skype session with Elder Tipton in Hiroshima, Japan. This was our first time skyping with Cole since he left almost a year and half ago. Also the first time that he has seen Winston since he was a month old. He has changed a little bit. My immediate family and grandparents were able to be there.

 Winston is at this phase where he is obsessed with his buddha belly. He also LOVES to point out where his belly button is. I love it with all my heart.

 Of course taking pictures with my boy on Mother's Day while someone else talked to Cole.

Honestly one of the best days ever. I am so thankful for a husband that spoils me way more than I deserve and for a missionary brother who sets such a great example.
Whew! I'm out.

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