Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mini Steven

Poor Winston is sick with a fever for the first time in his young 17 month old life. Last night, for the first time since he was brand new, he "slept" with us in our bed. He was sooo snuggly and as much as I loved his warm little tired buddy on my chest I did not get a wink of sleep. He was so uncomfortable that he would move and squirm every couple seconds. Steven woke up in the morning, well rested, and said, "I am impressed with how well he slept last night!"... Oh Steven. Such a sound sleeper. 
Speaking of Steven- did you know that I married him and then made a mini-him?

These pictures kill me!
Two peas in a pod, these two. 

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  1. first of all, em zoe, cute everything. you, child, husband, house, pictures, blog etc. second of all, did my mom freak out when she saw that your mom painted the buffet?!?! (the thing the tv is sitting on in your parents house) i bet she did and i wish i could've been there to see it!!!!!