Thursday, May 10, 2012

A special gift from my special boy.

Sometimes I let Winston run around the house completely naked. I do this for a few reasons.
The first is that he is a DISASTER to change. Every time I lay him down to change his diaper something snaps and he turns into a monster. This happens every time. Sometimes instead of battling him (which upsets us both) I just let him go for a while after I wipe him down.
The other reason is that he LOVES it. Being naked is probably his favorite thing ever.
This morning I let him go free while I was doing some dishes. Winston went off to play and I lost track of him. As soon as I was done with the dishes I sat down on the couch and Winston walked up to me with the biggest smile.
He outstretched his hand towards me and handed me a nice big lump of his own homemade poop. Yes. His poop. He was SO PROUD and all I could do in that moment was laugh, even while holding his (still warm) gift in my hand.
When I got up to throw it away, he cried.
Something that he worked so hard on and gave to me out of love was being thrown away without a second thought. As disgusting as the whole situation is, I can't help but feel a little touched.
Being a mother to a boy can sometimes get messy but it is so rewarding and never dull. With mothers day just around the corner I can't help but think of how thankful I am for my little boy.
Maybe we will try a finger painting next time...


  1. I would die. I really would. Hahaha. Winston is the cutest thing ever.

  2. I Just started laughing so hard. Winston is such a cutie. I can tell our sons would get along so well. I am grateful this hasn't happened to me.