Monday, May 7, 2012

Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo! Oh so fun this year. Since we don't celebrate in the traditional American way (partying and getting plastered) we decided to go to the ward fajita block party. It was a good choice. The party was held on our bishops lawn. Winston was in heaven playing with all the other kids (and by kids I mean teenagers) and the horse.
For the special occasion I took my grandmas old mexican looking mumu (which actually fits me... my grandme is 4'9" tall and about the same length wide), put a braided belt around it and BOOM! I looked the part. I was actually asked what my ethnicity was by someone. I am pretty much 100% white. However I do thank my native american 4x great grandmother for my olive-ish complexion.
{not sure about this pose...}

I love this picture. Did not even notice his face until after the picture was taken...


  1. Hahaha! That's so cool that you Arizonans celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It's a pretty big deal in Idaho, but only for Hispanics. If my ward threw a Cindo de Mayo party, everyone would be like, huh??

  2. I'm loving grandma's mumu and you totally pulled it off! Cute. Looks like you live in such a fun neighborhood and have a great ward! So happy for you :)

  3. At least your dress isn't on inside-out like the last time you wore it! :-)

  4. I adore your grandma mumu!! I'm so jealous you can share clothes with your grandma. Seriously.