Wednesday, June 20, 2012


My name is Emily and I am a hopeless lipglossaholic.
I am specifically talking about this extra special, minty, delicious, tingly, smooth and shiny lipgloss from bath and body works...
Words cannot describe the joy I feel when I put it on.
 If I don't get my fix at least every 30 minutes I go a little crazy. No other lip gloss will do.
What's the first thing I do when I wake up? Oh I roll over and lather on the lip gloss that  I bring to bed with me EVERY NIGHT.
First. thing. in. the. morning. every. morning.
If I happen to wake up in middle of the night? Lipgloss.
Before and after I eat food? Lipgloss.
Before and after I take a sip of water? Lipgloss.
Before and after I kiss Steven? Lipgloss.
During every prayer in church? Lipgloss... I am so lame.
If I happen to wear some sort of lip stain my routine is- one coat of lipgloss, then stain, then 5 more coats of gloss and I am good to go. 
What's on my person or within arms reach at all times? Lipgloss.
Here I am in 2008 about to go spelunking down a tiny hole in the ground.
Oh wait... What's that in my hand???
Yep. Lipgloss. Always.
Don't worry. This is not a cry for help. Just some insight into what I am-
a flaming lipgloss addict.
I am not even a little bit interested in kicking this addiction.

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