Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day Pictures!

Yes I am behind. I have at least three blogs that I have to write up soon... This heat is making me lazy. Or something.

Father's Day was actually fun for me. I don't get many chances where Steven lets me spoil him so when I get the opportunity to I love it. He still gives me a strict budget so I have to get a little creative with the gifts.

He did get an  ipad and golf shorts close to Father's Day so we counted those as Father's Day gifts too.

For the day of fathers we woke up early to watch Steven open gifts, went to church at 8:30, then I made Steven Huevos Rancheros (his request) for brunch, and we finished up the day with dinner and dessert at my parents house where the men got to sit in a room by themselves and watch the game (child free) while my mom and I were their waitresses.
Steven said he loved his Father's Day. I declare the day a success.
* I printed all the ties (banner, tags, and place settings) from pinterest. 

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