Thursday, June 28, 2012

EFY- Pictures & Stories.

 It has been brought to my attention that 4 years ago Steven and I had just met each other at EFY.  
Hard to believe it was 4 years ago...
EFY is THE BEST place to meet a spouse. Everyone there has been interviewed by their bishop, is worthy to be there, and obviously has a fierce passion for the gospel.
Even though we were not instantly in love we were drawn to each other because our personalities just clicked. That's how it all began folks...
Since I don't believe that I have posted many pictures of our time together at EFY, here they are. For our posterities sake.

Here are all the counselors from Flagstaff week one.
I am sitting pretty much right in the middle on the very front row and Steven is standing in the very back, second to last on the right.
Turns out that there were 3 couples who met here and ended up getting married and so far 3 babies have been produced because of it. We love them all!

We bonded over our (my) awesome dancing. Yes we did.
I am on the very left and Steven is on the very right. 

During a weekend off a handfull of us counselors took a trip to the grand canyon. Steven, Miles, and Brady stole my camera. 

One time I was walking around the grand canyon and my nose began to bleed. Jenny (who is now a nurse) began spanking my foot claiming that it would stop the bleeding. It worked. And all Steven could do was laugh and take pictures. So fun. 

Here is Steven paying attention to whatever was going on while I am clearly distracted. Also, please notice those shoes that Steven is wearing that I love so much. 

On my way up to my last session as a counselor in Thatcher, from Mesa, I was stopping to fill up on gas. I received a text from Steven asking me where I was (he was coming from Vegas). I told him that I was in Mesa about ready to head out. Then he texted, "I'll race you." Since I was only about 2 1/2 hours away from Thatcher I decided that I had a pretty good chance. So I told him he was on... 
Now my car at the time is what some would call a hoopty. Meaning that it was a piece of crap. Going up hills going 10 MPH (while I would lean forward) happened on a regular basis for me. So apparently there are a TON a hills on the way to Thatcher. About an hour into my drive, while almost to Globe, I noticed that Steven was RIGHT BEHIND ME. Laughing of course. We went back and forth racing (really not competition) and finally Steven called me and told me to just park my car somewhere so that we could drive together the rest of the way. So, after parking my car in a Jack in the Box parking lot, I hoped in the car with Steven and we were off. 
This is where we had one of our best conversations...
We got on the topic of what we were searching for in a future spouse. Keep in mind that at the time we were strictly friends with real no interest in dating each other at all. 
After talking about it for a while we realized that the qualities that we were searching for, the other one had. 
It was kind of a weird realization and we laughed it off and decided that we would be each others back-up spouses. So, if neither of us was married by the time that I was 25 we would just marry each other.  

Yep. Reeeeeaaaallllllyyyyyy funny.

Apparently our kids, the two weeks we were together, knew better than we did. Both weeks they would practically beg us to go on just one date together to give each other a chance.
In flagstaff my girls told me that they were going to find me a husband. They interviewed all the worthy counselors and got them all to compete for me. At the end of the week I had a counselor "propose" to me in front of everyone (this was all set up by my girls). Steven was in the lead until he decided to drop out... He still won in the end. Obviously.
In Thatcher Steven's group of boys called me triple B for Beautiful Blonde Babies. Meaning the babies I would have with Steven would be beautiful and blonde (they were right BTW).
On one night they even got Steven's phone and called me (which is kind of frowned upon) and continued to beg me to just give him a chance (this was all the boys, not brought on by Steven at all). I promised the boys that I would just go on one date with him to prove that we had no romantic feelings.
After we were both freed up from other relationships I decided that I should keep my promise. I called Steven and asked him to come visit me in AZ (from Vegas) to just hang out, go on a date, and come to the Weezer concert with me.
Shortly after talking to him he sent me a text that said, "I think I might be starting to have feelings for you. Is that ok?"
One date was all it took. I realized that I never wanted to be without him and now he is stuck with me for eternity.
I think we set a trend. Now one of my favorite cousins is up at EFY doing her counselor thing. I am so excited to hear all of her stories and (obviously) I am secretly hoping that she finds herself a counselor husband to take as her own. They are the best kind of husband.
This picture is alll smile.


  1. everything about this makes me happy...and nostalgic. good work team.

  2. um love this. Also, I had no idea about your relationship's roots! Way to go back-up spouses! And way to make all those kids' dreams come true. lol. Triple B. hilarious.

    Also, counselor spouses are the best kind of spouses. Agreed.

  3. I met my husband at EFY when we were 15 in Provo, Utah. He is from Boise, Idaho and I am from Nashville, Tn. We are now 27 years old, married with 2 little girls.

  4. I met my husband at EFY when we were 15 in Provo, Utah. He is from Boise, Idaho and I am from Nashville, Tn. We are now 27 years old, married with 2 little girls.