Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Year and a Half!

I am a little late on posting this... Winston turned 18 months old on June 22. We are especially excited about this age because he can now officially go to the nursery during church! What a relief. 
Hard to believe that this little peanut who hardly fit into his premie clothes is now...
In the 12% (22 lbs) for weight and in 91% (34 in) for height!
We are breeding basketball players over here!!!
Can you even imagine my excitement that my boy (who was once in the 2% across the board) is now in the 91% for height? I don't think you can. Tall and skinny. Just like his daddy.
This last year and a half has been a whirlwind. I don't think that I have ever done a real update for Winston on this blog so here it is!

Winston is now- 
folding his arms during prayers and raising his arms to say amen.

leading the music in his seat during church (probably the cutest thing ever).
LOVING the Backyardigans (and so am I, I'm not even ashamed).
Loves anything he can ride on/ push, cars and balls (such a boy!)

Climbing out of his crib (that is set on the lowest setting) and opening his bedroom door and running down the hall while screaming (this is my favorite...).
Pretty much climbing on everything...
Like my grandma's walker.

Has gotten COUNTLESS haircuts since the time he was born. Wish my hair grew as fast as his.

Answering yes and no to most questions. Like, "Winston, do have poops in there?" "Des." "Should we change your diaper?" "NO."
Showing his belly button with much enthusiasm (he will find yours too if you ask).
Barking anytime he hears the dogs next door.
Begging to go outside or "side!" everyday.
Screams "dadyyyy!" Every time he sees a baby while out in public. He uses the letter D in most things he says wether it belongs there or not. He LOVES babies.
want some?

The way he says more makes me laugh every time. Mo- (and in a much higher voice says) Heh? It's adorable.
We are still having trouble getting him to eat like he should but he is doing better. Loves apple sauce, berries, fruit snacks, veggie sticks, and eggs.
that smile...

He is saying a lot of random words and phrases but my favorites are- Oh yeah, oh no, (repeated 1000 times) and right there!

Well that's all I can think of right now! I sure do love this active little boy.

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