Friday, June 8, 2012


Now that we have been back for almost two weeks from our Utah trip I think it is finally time to write about it. We flew up to Utah for our nephew, Liam's, baby blessing. It was our first time meeting him and he is seriously adorable. I am so sad it took us so long to meet him.
We chose to fly to Utah because it takes and hour and a half as opposed to driving for 10 hours, and Winston gets car sick. I mean throwing up EVERYTHING that has ever been in his stomach until all of it is out on him and he turns ghostly white. Oh! And flying is free for him until he turns 2 in December. Taking advantage.
It was such a fun, but short trip.

Winston had a rough time pretty much the whole time we were there. He was fighting a cold, getting 2 new molars, running a fever, surrounded by people he did not know in an environment he was not familiar with. He was just not a happy camper and only wanted me to hold him the entire time. That made me so sad because he usually is sooo happy and playful and since Steven's family does not see him that much I really wanted them to see that cute side of him. I mean, the kid would not even pose for a picture... That is so weird and not like him. He was also waking up at 5:00am in the morning. We were all super tired.
I am ashamed to admit that I did get to my breaking point once while we were taking family pictures... I am pretty sure that I pouted, and raised my voice, and acted 15 years old... in front of Steven's entire family.
I really just need to be more patient and loving in those kinds of situations. Thank goodness they don't happen often.
He did act like his normal, playful self at times and especially when we would go to the park. That was such a relief.
Other than having a sick and grumpy baby the trip was a blast. Winston (much to our surprise) did extremely well on both plane rides. His first ever! The plane ride into SLC was so bumpy and crazy that people were literally screaming on the plane. People were getting sick left and right and Winston just sat there. Happy as could be snuggled up on his dad's chest.
We went to comedy sports, dinner with the adults, did a 2 mile "Hale Family Fun Run," hiked the Y (my first time), visited burger supreme, witnessed a beautiful baby blessing for our favorite nephew, got a yoga lesson with Steven's grandma from Jordyn (my oldest sister in law), took family pictures, got to see some great friends, and had some much needed family time.
 I have come to the realization that after over 3 years of being married, I finally feel comfortable enough with the Hale family to just be myself. Marrying into a family of only 4 girls has probably been one of my biggest challenges. Just figuring out where I fit in (or if I fit in) was tricky. This trip I decided to not worry about it and just let it go. Who knew that would actually work? I had so much fun.
Aaaaand once again for your viewing pleasure, PICTURE OVERLOAD! Totally out of order but still totally awesome.
And here it is. One of the only family photos we got where Winston is not screaming and flopping like a fish!

Winston and future Winston.
This is how he says amen, by throwing his arms in the air. We had to tell him to keep doing it to get a good picture. 

This is actually what most of the pictures looked like. This is me just seconds away from my breaking point. 

The "do something silly" picture.

All of us minus Carl.

Here is the "fold you arms" picture. 

I swear this is like Winston looking into future. 

The whole gang with grandma & grandpa Kussee. The best game players ever!

Winston very much interested in the windows at the airport. 

Adult family dinner + little Liam. We didn't mind him coming!

Comedy sports. If I could only count the number of times I heard the phrase "freakin' heck"
We had a blast that night. 

Me and my SIL, Victoria. P.S. So happy we were finally able to spend some more time with Robert. 

Happy Winston. 

Very happy Winston. 

Winston lovin' on cute baby Vincent. We miss you already Kumar family! 

Steven and his baby sister. About to hike the Y.

Strong like ox.

The hiking crew. 

Getting cheesy. 

And getting inappropriate. 

Outside Winston = happy Winston. Unless we are taking family photos.

Winston and Colin! Wish we lived closer so they could be best friends. 

How cute is Colin?? I want to take him home. 

And finally the man of the trip, Baby Liam! Wearing his girl cousins shirt after an unfortunate run in with spit up. Isn't he darling? 


  1. you are looking GORGEOUS!! this hair color is PERFECT for you!

  2. You are so freaking awesome! These pictures kill me! I have to agree with the blogger above... LOVING your hair color! You sexy momma you!! The family pictures are soooooo cute!! So glad you had fun!

  3. Oh my you girls are so nice! After YEARS of crazy hair colors I have finally decided that I love my ashy, natural hair color. I think I will keep it for a while!