Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer time is fun time!...

In an effort to stay positive during this time of hellish heat, I am going to write about some things that I love about summer time in good ol' AZ.
Every summer I go through the same process of asking myself, "WHY DO I LIVE HERE?"When you get into your car and can't touch anything for fear of third degree burns (not really but almost), when going outside means you will be sweating instantly, wearing any type of clothing outside is too much clothing, it's hard to find things to love about living here... And there I go complaining again, something that I have become very good at. Then "winter" comes and it feels like heaven and I forget all about the summer time.
But, there are some things we do here to cope with the heat.
Here is my (very short) guide to beating the summer heat for no, or very little, money!

1. Stay inside and never leave. This is a sure way to beat the heat... You're welcome.

2. SPLASH PADS! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Leigh, for introducing us to this magical splash pad. There are many splash pads around our area but this one is THE best. We spend a lot of time here. This is a super fun way to stay out of the heat.

3. Eat lots of berries!!! Berries are very cheap this time of year! They are a very special treat in the house of Hale. Winston LOVES berries almost more than anything else. He will sit still in his chair and gobble down berries as long as I let him.

4. Probably the most popular thing to do here during the summer time. SWIM! Just live in your swim suit and jump in a pool any time you can... At this time I am very sad that we do not have a pool. We need to get a blow up kiddy pool. But until then I will probably invite myself and my son over to your house at least 8 times next week (this is directed to anyone with a pool).
I also love that my brothers are out of school and get to hang out with Winston. Winston sure does love his uncles.

 Winston and cousin Nixy hanging out outside of Grandma's pool.

The number 1 thing that you probably should not do? Hike. Like we did 2 weeks ago.
Even if you go at 5 in the morning. We still had fun but... it was hot!