Friday, August 17, 2012

Winston looks like?...

From the moment Winston was born I thought he looked exactly like Steven and had nothing from my side of the family. I was honestly just fine with this. For some reason it just didn't matter to me because I thought he was cute no matter who he looked like. 
The other day my youngest brother, Quinn, and I were looking at old family photos when we came across these gems of my oldest brother, Cole, who is currently serving a mission in Japan. 

Is it just me or is does my son look a little bit like someone from MY SIDE of the family? Now, I honestly have never seen a baby picture of Steven to compare but I don't think it would be a stretch to say that my son looks way more like my husband and my brother than me. Good thing I think that they are both very handsome. Otherwise I might be a little upset. Just kidding...  Kind of...


  1. Just seeing you riding that dog is good for me!! What a cute kid, that Cole Tipton. Winston does look somewhat like the Tipton side....maybe.

  2. "Hey, it's just me riding this dog horse. No big deal." That's totally what I was thinking.

  3. When you look at Mike and Trey side-by-side they look like twins. But Trey doesn't look anything like Mike's baby pictures and looks exactly like my older brother's. Funny how that works.