Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Camp Out"

We went on our first ward camp out as a family. We were able to go the Camp Lo Mia which is where I went for girls camp during the summers in my teenage years. Those were the days. It was a little weird being there and not playing pranks, or sneaking into the kitchen at midnight but I still had fun. It was just a different kind of fun.
There is something so peaceful about being outdoors. I feel like it is a way of cleansing my soul. One of the things that makes me the most happy is waking up in the morning to the sound of chirping birds, fresh mountain air and swaying pine trees.
I do love a good camp out.

This camp out was not in tents but in cabins and we had bathrooms. So really, it was luxury camping and I am not really complaining. We were the only family that was sharing a cabin with another family and I actually loved it. I can't imagine going to Camp Lo Mia and not having my cabin full of people. It's just natural.
Winston loved hanging out with the other kids almost as much as he loved the brooms. He has so much fun just being outside.
We had a very cute variety show. These were my favorite props. 
This a seriously scary picture. Also our teeth look kind of disgusting... Let's say it's the lighting. I don't think it is possible for one of our children to have anything but a huge smile. I kind of love it. 

Winston loves "baby" Daniel. 

Seriously? My kid is a rockstar. 
Steven can't get enough of this cute little girl. Her eyes are so funny in this picture. And again with the huge smile! 

Here we go with the broom. 
And others joined in. Sweeping is so fun!...

After refusing to sleep in his pack and play and tossing and turning with us most of the night, Winston finally fell asleep in between the twin beds that we pushed together. I think he looks pretty snug. 

Our cabin!

All the bunk beds after clean up.

At one point we lost Winston. Found him near all the cleaning supplies. Should have known.

Happy camping family.

The end. 

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